Phosphate Conversion Coating:Paint Lok 700 2X

Technical Data

Paint Lok 700-2X
Non-Iron Phosphated Conversion Coating


Lily PAINT LOK 700-2X is a liquid, non-iron phosphated, conversion coating product for use in a three or five stage spray washer or immersion system to process ferrous, aluminum, and galvanized metals. It provides corrosion resistant coatings and excellent paint adhesion and is used in place of iron phosphate products and, in some cases, zinc phosphate products. It can be run at ambient temperatures which results in energy savings and it produces less sludge than with a conventional iron phosphate coating product which results in reduced maintenance costs. It also contains a low temperature surfactant system that aids in the cleaning process with very little foam build-up. Coatings can be formed in as little as 30 seconds; however, normally 45 to 60 seconds is recommended. The resulting coating can range in color from light gray-blue to light brown.

The concentration and pH of Lily PAINT LOK 700-2X must be maintained in its operating range for optimum results.