Iron Phosphate Coating: Paint Lok 567 LT DCF

Technical Data

Paint Lok 567-LT-DCF
A Liquid Iron Phosphate/ Three or Five Stage Washer


Lily PAINT LOK 567-LT-DCF is a liquid iron phosphate product specially formulated for use in a three or five-stage spray washer system, when molybdate (moly) is prohibited. Instead of only removing molybdate from the formula, an inorganic salt was also incorporated to promote heavier coating weights. It also contains an additional accelerator for use in those systems with shorter exposure times than normal. It is used to process steel and will effectively remove soils, oils and other contaminants, while simultaneously depositing a high quality iron phosphate coating. Lily PAINT LOK 567-LT-DCF keeps sludge and scale build-up to a minimum. This greatly reduces the scale build-up on the inside and outside of the risers and washer interiors. This enables you to operate over an extended period of time without purging or descaling your washer. The nozzles stay cleaner longer and require less attention than with most conventional iron phosphate conversion coating products.