Metal Finishing

Paint Lok 700 2X

If you are looking for a non-iron phosphate conversion coating product, then our Paint Lok 700 2x is the metal finishing product for you.

Paint Lok 567 LT DCF

Liquid Iron Phosphate product

LC 5439 2X

Heavy duty liquid spray wash product for your next metal finishing application.

Cleaner 210-A

Our Cleaner 210-A is a highly effective powder spray wash product when you need to perform industrial metal finishing.

Liquid and Powder Cleaners

A wide range of cleaners that remove most oils and various soils.

Paint Lok 500 Series

Iron phosphates(Moly, SNBS, & HAS accelerated)that remove soils.

Paint Lok 600 Series

Zinc phosphates that deposit a high quality coating(150 to 250 mg/ft² minimum for spray; 300 mg/ft² minimum for immersion)on steel and galvinized.

Paint Lok 700 Series

Zirconium oxide coatings that are phosphate-free for use in multi-stage spray washer and immersion systems.


Products used after iron or zinc phosphate pre-treatment that are non-chromated.

These are just a few of our Metal Finishing products. Contact Us to find the best product for your application