Our Products

General Cleaning

Complete line of concentrated industrial cleaning supplies. Custom manufactured water and solvent based cleaners.

Metal Finishing

Complete line of metal finishing and metal working fluids. Line of products ranging from: immersion and spray cleaners, iron and zinc phosphates, rust inhibitors, aluminum cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners and vibratory cleaners.

Water Treatment

Complete line of water and wastewater chemicals including treatment products for boilers, cooling towers and coagulants and flocculants for wastewater applications.

Specialty Products

Custom manufactured products ranging from: CIP liquids, line lubricants, chlorinated cleaners and heavy duty cleaners for re-manufactured engines and transmissions.

Food and Sanitation Applications

Lily Chemicals offers a wide variety of products in the food and beverage industry as well as many application-specific cleaners, tailored to these critical sanitation needs. 

Concrete Cleaning Applications

Lily Chemicals offers a wide variety of cleaners for use on concrete.